Apr. 30, 2018

How To Stop Small Crack In Windshield

How To Stop Small Crack In Windshield

How To Stop Small Crack In Windshield

Why Do Windshields Crack and What Should I . causes a small piece of glass to . and rises to over $1000 if an OEM windshield is used. How can you prevent .

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You're driving along when you notice a small crack in your windshield. You might be thinking, its so small, I dont need to worry about it. Unfortunately,

We have chosen our top 5 tips on how to prevent windshield cracks and damage. . apply it over a small chip or crack until you can get it repaired.

These instructions show you how to fix a chipped windshield. . They're not intended to repair large cracks in the . Any debris could prevent the repair kit resin .

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